Language pairs

Language pairs: what does this mean?

Language pairs consist of a source language and a target language.  The source language is the language your text is written in and the target language is the language in which your text needs to be translated. For example: your text is in Dutch (the source language) and needs translation into English (the target language).

The specialised language pairs of Jinah Translations

Nobody is perfect, but when it comes to Dutch, English, French and German translations, our translation agency comes pretty close. We have deliberately limited the language pairs we offer to ensure the quality of our translations.


Each freelance translator on our team is a native speaker of the target language and is specialised in their language pairs. In this way, our team helps companies to attract even more potential clients with translations that enhance their professional and/or personal image.

For most types of texts, Jinah Translations offers the following language pairs:

                              Dutch > English                              
                  Dutch > French                   
 Dutch > German
German> Dutch
                     German> French                   
                                 German> English                              
 English > Dutch
                     English > French                   
    French > Dutch
                                    French > English                              

We no longer provide sworn or certified translations. If you need a certified or sworn translator and you live in Belgium, please contact the registry of the court of first instance of your judicial district. The registry has a list of sworn translators. If you live in the UK, you simply ask the translator to confirm in writing that the translation is a true and accurate translation of the original document.

Do you have a website or other digital content, a quality manual, a brochure or other text for translation within our language pairs? Feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation quote!

What if I need translation to other or more languages?

In addition to the regular team for the language pairs mentioned above, Jinah Translatios also has contact with other freelance translators for several other European languages (Spanish, Portuguese and Polish).

Since we are a small team, we do not have the capacity to translate texts into many different languages. If you have a text that needs translation into more languages than we can offer, we recommend that you contact a large translation agency.

SEO copywriting by Jinah Translations

One of the freelance translators on our team also specializes in SEO copywriting (only in Dutch/Flemish). She closely follows what is happening in the SEO world, so that we can also write perfect texts for websites, web shops and blog articles. This is important for a high ranking in search engines. Of course, we also take these SEO techniques into account for the translation of your web texts! We are also happy to provide a quote for the input of web texts in your website’s CMS system.

Rates for translations within our language pairs

Our rates for translations from and to English, Dutch, French, and German with the aforementioned language pairs are not dumped prices but are economically justified. Every project is different. To calculate the price for the translation of your texts, the following elements are taken into account:

  • The translation type (general, technical, legal, SEO…)
  • The industry, specialty
  • The language pair
  • The requested delivery time
  • Small job (at minimum rate)

Translation rates from 0.10€ per word

Our rates start from 0.10€ per word in the target language for general English-Dutch translations. Other language pairs and other types of translations start from 0.12€ per word in the target language.

For each project, the customer always receives a clear price quote, whether it is for translations, SEO copywriting (only in Dutch) and/or CMS input.

Possible supplements are also mentioned in the quote. For example:

  • Documents in ppt, pdf, excel, html-format or paper versions
  • Copy/pasting of web texts of your website that will be translated (so, it is best to supply them in Word format)
  • Urgent jobs
  • Weekend work or work during public holidays


What do we need to calculate the price of your project?

In order to provide you with our quote as quickly as possible and to calculate the price smoothly, we require the following information:

  • A clear, detailed description of the assignment, stating the source language and the target language(s)
  • The source text preferably in Word format
  • The desired delivery time (deadline)
  • Whether or not the text in images needs to be translated
  • Your target group for the translations

Would you like a quote for SEO copywriting (Dutch/Flemish only), proofreading (Dutch/Flemish and English only) or transcription (Dutch/Flemish only)? Contact us today without obligation for a free quote!

Hiring Jinah Translations is a good idea

Jinah Translations is a small, reliable team of native translators. We deliberately offer a limited number of language pairs to ensure the quality translations you deserve. Over the years, we have specialised in certain fields. It goes without saying that we respect your privacy and all information you share with us is treated confidentially. We also ensure punctual delivery according to the agreed deadline and all our rates are economically justified.

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer for, you might want to check our FAQ page. Or contact us. We are happy to assist.