A book series from and beyond Earth that will keep you hooked

Good news for those who have already finished the first novel in the book series by author Danilo Clementino! The two subsequent thrilling and unexpected stories in the three-part book series have now also been translated into Dutch by Hilde Mortelmans of Jinah Translations.

A reader writes:
The three books should be read by many people, including world leaders. Very inspiring!!!
Congratulations on the translations

The book series in a nutshell


Book 1: In the first book of the series, Back to Earth, you were introduced to Azakis and Petri. These two kind-hearted aliens return to Earth on their spaceship Theos on a special mission. Click here for the article about this book, including the enthused testimonial of one of our readers.

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Book 2: In Intersection with Nibiru, the second novel of the book series, our two sympathetic aliens, Azakis and Petri, must use all their experience and technology to prevent an Earth-destroying disaster. Alongside other characters, Elisa Hunter and Colonel Jack Hudson do everything in their power to assist Azakis and Petri eliminate all earth and alien obstacles. Reveals, new interpretations of historical events, romance and humour punctuate the story.

Will they succeed in saving the earth?

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Reader E. from Belgium says the following:

"Hi Hilde,
I just finished the 2nd book of Nibiru. My goodness, that ending! You just have to read the 3rd book.
As with the first book, the start was a bit hesitant, but the story definitely keeps you gripped!"

Book 3: Have our alien and terrestrial friends been able to work together to thwart the disaster of biblical proportions? Or is assistance from an unanticipated source more than welcome? In The Writer, the last book in the three-part series, you’ll find out!

You will be kept in suspense until the very last line of this captivating book series!

A reader says it all:

A thrilling book with a surprising end... The three books should be read by many people, including world leaders.
Inspiring!!! Congratulations on the translations

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This book series in e-books or paperbacks  

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Intersection with Nibiru Intersection with Nibiru 3.99  /  13.99
The Writer The Writer 3.99  /  11.99

For the price, you do not have to leave it!

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