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Back to Earth

Are you a bookworm like me? Besides reading, translation from English into Dutch, and from Dutch into English, is also a passion of mine. That’s why I made it my profession!

After around 15 years of translating all kinds of texts, I have been able to combine my two passions by translating books from English into Dutch. It goes without saying that I am proud to announce the publication of my first book translation into Dutch!

A thrilling book to read in one go

So, my first book translation into Dutch is now complete! The Dutch version will not excite you, of course. Luckily the original Italian novel ‘Il Ritorno’ by Danilo Clementino was also translated into English (not by me, though). The English version is titled Back to Earth – The adventures of Azakis and Petri. The story is peppered with amusing dialogues, technical facts, danger and romance.

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An exciting story to get your teeth into

Two aliens are on their way to our planet to pick up something they left behind on their previous visit to Earth about 3,600 years ago. Azakis and Petri discover that Earth and its inhabitants have changed a lot. Of course, they also encounter some surprises. For instance, the place where they have to anchor their spaceship is now an archaeological site, led by the enthusiastic doctor, Elisa Hunter. Not only the military, but also some shady characters are interested in Dr Hunter’s work. No earthling is aware of what is hanging over their heads…

Do you want to know why Azakis and Petri return to Earth and how they bravely handle some dangerous situations? Are you curious about the reaction of the earthlings when the spaceship Theos gets closer to Earth? Could there be romance in the air too?

To read the book for only 2.99€: click here

More good news for avid book readers

Intersection with Nibiru, the sequel to Back to Earth, will be available soon. Of course, I will keep you posted on its publication!

The even more exciting news is that you can access thousands of books in many languages via this link. The website itself is available in English, Italian, Spanish and French. Register and create your account. Then start browsing and searching for the books that interest you, in the language of your preference. Exciting books, adventure books, romantic books, fiction and non-fiction.

If you don’t like to read but prefer to listen, there are also audio books in Italian and English available via this link.

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