Specialised fields

Our specialised fields for translations

Discover the specialised fields of our team that, over the years, has built up a lot of experience in translating to and from English, Dutch, French, and German. To both companies and private individuals, we offer many options within various specialisms.

Translation of texts in different fields of expertise

Translation os our passion. Step by step and thanks to our customers, we have expanded our expertise. Even though we know and can do a lot, unfortunately we cannot do everything. For some legal or technical texts, translation in one or more language pairs may not be possible.

If the requested language pair, the content, the terminology or the complexity of your text are not within our expertise, we will let you know! 

Some examples of texts we have translated over the years:

For companies and individuals Correspondence, mailings, reports, invitations, resumes, cover letters, PowerPoint presentations, blogs, e-Learning, self-directed learning…
Commercial texts Newsletters, brochures, flyers, leaflets, catalogues, websites, web shops…
Technical texts Tenders, manuals, user instructions, quality standards, reports, websites...
Legal texts Insurance policies, contrats, legal correspondence, all kinds of certificates, general terms and conditions, privacy policies, cookie policies, disclaimers, IT user policies...
Legal texts (only for the language pairs English > Dutch / Flemish and Dutch / Flemish > English) Judgments, petitions, writs of summons...
Descriptive or literary translations E-books, cookbooks, novels, spiritual books…
Tourism, culinary, lifestyle, wellness, food supplements, beauty products Leaflets, magazines, brochures, websites…



English, Dutch, French, and German translations

Since 2008, we have specialised in certain fields of business: the tourism sector, culinary translations and food supplements with ingredients, the wellness, lifestyle & beauty sector, cosmetics ... to name a few.

Maybe your field of expertise is in education, training and coaching, or are you an architect, a contractor, active in the world of transport & logistics or another sector? Then you can also count on Jinah Translations.

If you did not see your field of expertise, contact us anyway! If the content or the technicality of the texts is not within our expertise, we will tell you.

Proofreading and revision Dutch and English

Are you not sure whether your Dutch or English texts contain errors? Then it is a good idea to hire Jinah Translations for proofreading to check the linquistic aspects. Sentences that are too long, sentence structure, spelling mistakes, typos... It happens more often than you think and perhaps without you noticing it. And although the fast, digital world may no longer need flawless texts, an error-free document or website ensures a professional company image!

Are you a student? Then you can make full use of the proofreading service for your thesis or dissertation. In order to pass, the content of your thesis or dissertation must be good (and you take care of that part, of course), but with a text that reads fluently, you have a better chance of passing! Please note: we do not carry out an editorial revision. In other words, we do not look at anything with respect to content, the logical structure, paragraph layout, source references, etc.

Revision is comparing a translated text with the source text. We correct all errors in the target text and also any translation errors. You can request revision for English texts that have been translated from Dutch or for Dutch texts that have been translated into English (so for the language pairs English > Dutch and Dutch > English).

The rate for proofreading and revision

Some texts contain more errors than others. That is why we generally apply an hourly rate of 35€. Students get a 10% discount on presentation of their student card if they submit their text to Jinah Translations on time!

Depending on the quality and complexity of the text, Jinah Translations can check and correct 4 to 6 pages per hour. Because we have several clients and usually a very busy schedule, we may not be able to schedule the proofreading or revision right away. So, dear students, don't start too late with writing your thesis or dissertation...

Is your thesis about a highly specialised subject on which we do not have much knowledge? Then we will let you know, so you can find a more suitable proofreader.

On request, we can also provide you a rate per word for this service. This rate will depend on the complexity and technicality of your text.


Transcription of Dutch and Flemish audio

You can also contact us for transcription of Dutch and Flemish audio. This means that an audio recording is transcribed or converted into written text. There are two forms of transcription:

Literal transcription: what does it mean?

Everything, and we do literally mean everything, you hear in the audio, is transcribed. Every stopgab, every repetition, every hesitation, slip of the tongue or mistake. This does not really result in a script that is pleasant to read. In addition, it takes a lot more time to type. Easily 5 to 10 minutes per audio minute.

This form of transcription is only useful in case of a specific purpose, for example:

  • Quality research
  • Psychological research
  • Legal purposes

If this is not needed, it is best to opt for the other form of transcription below.

Verbatim transcription: what does it mean?

Stopgabs, hesitations, slips of the tongue and irrelevant words are not transcribed. The text is not changed editorially and language or grammatical errors are not corrected. The text always stays as close as possible to the literal contect of the audio.

The advantage of this form is that the written text reads a lot more smoothly and it takes less time to type everything: 4 to 5 minutes per audio minute.

Rates for Dutch and Flemish transcription

Basic rate verbatim (1 speaker) €3.50 per audio minute
Basic rate literal (1 speaker) €5.00 per audio minute
Supplements on basic rate:  
Speakers + €1.00 per audio minute per speaker
Express delivery within 24 hours (weekdays) + €1.50 per audio minute
Express delivery within 48hours (weekdays) + €1.00 per audio minute
Noisy background + €0.50 per audio minute
Damaged audio file or unintelligible The assignment will not be accepted
Time coding We do not supply this service


Do you need a transcription of a Dutch or Flemish audio? And an English, French or German translation of the transcript, along with another text and your website? Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote. Always send a sample audio so that we can calculate the best price for you!