Are you looking for a professional team of native translators for translation from and into English, Dutch, French, and German? Translations that clearly get your message across to your existing and potential clients?

Then Jinah Translations is the right place to be! Due to our language pairs and specialisations, many companies and private individuals have already worked and still work closely with Jinah Translations for translation of texts, websites, brochures, web shops, etc.

Our team also helps you with proofreading of Dutch and English texts, which can be particularly helpful for students before submitting their thesis or dissertation.

The advantages of Jinah Translations for you

  • A small, reliable team of native translators
  • A limited number of specialised language pairs to ensure top quality translations
  • Specialisations within your industry
  • Friendly service by a real person
  • Strictly confidential treatment of your information
  • Punctual delivery
  • Economically responsible rates


Our activities

Thanks to years of collaboration with professional freelance translators, Jinah Translations offers high-quality English, Dutch, French, and German translations. Not only for companies, but also for private individuals. Discover our language pairs and the fields in which we are specialised. In addition, Jinah Translations also provides proofreading (Dutch and English texts) and transcription (only Dutch).



You ​will reach more customers and increase your turnover if your texts, brochures, website or webshop contain high-quality information and are available in the languages of your potential customers. Jinah Translations contributes to your business activities’ success by providing translations that clearly  communicate your message to foreign-speaking customers in English, Dutch, French, and German.



Are you not sure whether or not your English or Dutch texts contain errors? Then it is a good idea to hire Jinah Translations for proofreading to check for linguistic aspects and any mistakes that only a native speaker would find. Students receive a discount on presentation of their student card and if they submit their thesis or dissertation sufficiently in advance of their deadline date. You can also contact us for the revision of texts that have been translated from English into Dutch and from Dutch into English.

Book translations

Book translations

Have you already read the article about Hilde’s first book translation from English into Dutch? The publication of the second book that Hilde has translated is coming soon and she’s working diligently on the translation of the third book in the same series. More book translations, other novels and adventures by different authors will follow in the future. You might also be interested in having your book translated from English to Dutch by Hilde from Jinah Translations!

Success with translations from and to English, Dutch, French and German

With our professional translations from and to English, Dutch, French, and German, it is our mission to help customers expand their commercial and individual success across borders. Our services are always offered at an economically responsible rate. Not at an unfair dumping price but at a rate adapted to the European market and our service.

To make sure you receive the best of the best, to save you time – and therefore money – all translations are checked before delivery. In other words: we offer an excellent service.


Why English, Dutch, French, and German translations are necessary

It is clear that you will reach more existing and new customers if the information about your company, services, and products is offered in different languages. In addition, research has shown that customers are more likely to buy, if they find good quality information in their own language. That is why translations to and from English, Dutch, French, and German can increase your turnover and profits.

Today, you can find free translation tools on the internet. Some are better than others. Many clients have already used these tools, but often go back on their decision. Translations to and from English, Dutch, French, and German by a human translator – not a machine – are always better. If your texts contain too many mistakes or if your message is misunderstood because of substandard machine translations into English, Dutch, French, or German, your website, web shop, brochure or mailing will offer little value to existing or potential customers. In other words: your efforts are not yielding the expected results and you are losing customers and money.

Translation into English by Jinah Translations

Many Flemish and Dutch people have learned English at school and speak and/or comprehend this language very well. But delivering a high-quality English translation is often a problem. Even if you know English very well, a translation by an English native makes a huge difference. This native knowledge of the English language is often unavailable within companies.

The same goes for French and German. Perhaps even more so because learning French and German at school is not so popular anymore. Grammatically, these two languages are even more difficult than English.

Unfortunately, it must also be said that the knowledge of the Dutch language is declining. A mistake once every so often is not the end of the world. But, if your website, brochure or mailing contains too many spelling and grammatical errors, there is a good chance that potential customers will drop out and look for another supplier.

That is why it is always a good idea to have your texts translated from and into English, Dutch, French, or German by the native translators of Jinah Translations, within the language pairs we offer. One less worry and more time for you to spend on your real passion: developing your business further. And of course, Jinah Translations is happy to contribute to that!


Jinah Translations is dedicated to every translation job

Every translation job, large or small, is carried out with the utmost care. Our personal service, economical prices and punctual delivery of the translated documents are always appreciated by our customers.

Kathryn – Translive Global Ltd, UK

I would recommend Jinah Translations to any business who is in need of an English and Dutch translator. Hilde is not only a pleasure to work with, she is professional and always delivers work on time. I have had excellent feedback from clients regarding her translations and have even been directed to use her for several projects with the same client due to the high quality of work she produces.

Would you like to receive a quote for the translation of your documents to and from English, Dutch, French, and German within our language pairs and specialised fields? Would you like to work with a translation agency that knows its trade inside and out? Then contact us today or click on



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